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Kickboxing in Savannah

kickboxing at the Complex Savannah

Ready to kick something? If so, we are here to show you how. The Kickboxing experience at The Complex is a total body workout. No boring video, no same routine over and over, a new workout and a new lesson every time. We push you to learn new skills while improving your shape, flexibility and range of motion. With something new every time, our trainers are here to keep you motivated. Everyone has to start somewhere and with these basic fundamentals, not only will you improve your physical condition but learn some simple effective self-defense along the way. Kickboxing workouts are proven, safe, and effective. Now come check out our new spin on them. Plyometrics, resistance training, interval training and cardio work are all elements of the workouts. Each part helping to develop your technique, muscle memory, and basic body mechanics.